Social Welfare

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Children’s Foundation

Narae Nanotech has helped child breadwinners, children from dysfunctional houses with difficulties in Yongin, where Naraenanotech has been located since may 1988.
Looking at children who grow healthily and brightly, we find worthiness in helping.
Narae nanotech will not stop the precious relationships with them and keep supporting them with warm hearts.

Water Love Club

The handicapped need more special love and care. For those who are neglected by families and society, Naraenanotech has supplied necessities to the welfare institute for the disabled since July 2010.
Naraenanotech will thoughtfully look around at our neighbors and willingly offer our help for convenience and happiness of those people.

Incorporated association MIRAE

Volunteers have taken the lead in providing various social services to help the needy in our society and making them to stand as their own self.

Mooldaen Dongsan (Watered Garden)

Since September 2012, we, Naraenanotech has regularly sponsored the disabled person's weekly shelter in Sosa-gu, Bucheon-si.
Once a year, Naraenanotech's employees express their small but warm feelings.